Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Vacation

What I love about being a teacher is (besides my students--usually) is having summers to myself.  It's a great chance to explore other things that I want to do.

During the summer, I workout more, travel more, and spend more time on the internet.  This year though, I've decided to try to do more writing.  Every other summer it's been hard for me to stick with my writing routine.  In fact, last summer I didn't write at all.  That was a mistake.  It took a very long time to get back to writing after that.

For some reason, this summer is different.  I've been more focused and driven to get more done.  I wish I could pinpoint why.  I think it has to do with finishing my first novel.  It's giving me a confidence that I didn't really think I'd ever have.  Now, I feel like a writer.

My new story is also going so well. (Knock on wood).  It feels different.  In my first novel, my characters meandered and wandered and I decided to throw this in and that in.  But with my new one, everything clicks.  Every scene has a purpose and I can tell you exactly what that is.  It makes me feel like I'm closer to being published--even if this might not be the one that gets published.  (I really, really, really hope it does though).  But I'm getting there.  I can feel it.

So this summer, my goal is to write at least 10,000 words a week.  My goal is to do 2,000 words a day and take the weekends off.  Sometimes I get so involved and try to push for too much that I burn out.  I think this is a much more manageable goal that I'm pretty confident I can accomplish every week...maybe except for the week I'm on my honeymoon (just a little over two weeks to go!)

That's it for me.  Shoot me a comment about how writing affects your summers.  Is it easy to stick to your routines?


  1. I find myself having a hard time writing at all during the summer. Work becomes ridiculously busy, wearing me out thin before I can even get to go outside and work in my flower gardens or the housework, let alone have the energy to write. And every year, with the exception of this year, my mind is usually set on gardening mode. Though I'm getting very little writing done lately (I'm on vacation visiting my parents as I write this), I'm actually accomplishing more this summer than I have in previous summers, which had been nada.I need to come up with a routine and stick with it!

  2. Being in uni I also technically have the summers off. I say technically because I always end up doing internships that take up more time than being in school did. This summer I am even doing two internships at almost the same time. I still want to make sure to write but must admit it is being difficult.

    But congrats on making a change this summer and sticking to a good writing schedule! I hope it works out well for you :)