About Me

I'm an international teacher living in Kuwait.  I'm originally from Canada, but have been living overseas for five years.  I like to write and I have the goal of being published--someday (hopefully sooner rather than later).

Besides writing, I like sports.  I play rugby, soccer, volleyball, and I run.  I also coach both volleyball and soccer.  I spend a lot of time traveling.  I've been to several Middle Eastern countries and large portions of Europe and parts of SouthEast Asia.

In the last two years I've gotten serious about my writing.  I spent a lot of time developing my skills and am just about to finish my first novel.  I started this blog because I really wanted a record of what happens next.  Whether I do (eventually) get published or if I just write for me, I want to share it.  Part of the reason I started this blog because I think it's amazingly cool to see the journey of published writers (check out Veronica Roth's early entries if you also think this is cool to read about).

So to sum it all up: I write! I read! I sport! I teach!

And this is my writing journey.  All the way from the Middle East and straight to you.


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