Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feel Good Video Thursday

I've decided to start a new weekly post on my blog. Actually, my first weekly post. Let's hope I can keep this up ;)

With Thursdays being the beginning of my weekend, I wanted to pick something that would help kick off my weekend right. Something that would put me in a good mood.

There's so much negativity in the world, and in everyone's everyday life, that I wanted to focus on videos that make me feel good. Things that inspire me and pick me up when all I feel is frustrated.

And without (much) further ado, here is the first video that I chose.

This is a video I go through and watch anytime I get frustrated with teaching.  I love teaching, but sometimes I just need a good reminder as to why. This video always does it for me.

It's Taylor Mali's What Teachers Make

You can find more awesome videos at his website here:

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