Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kids Say...

A couple of things from teaching today. :)


Today, in class, I was prompting my students to write a scene that showed what their character was like. This was the result.

Me: Tell me the four things I want to see in your scene.

Student 1: Dialogue

Me: Good

Student 2: Action

Me: Yes, what else?

Student 3: Thoughts and Feelings.

Me: And what's the last one?

Them: ...

Me: Starts with a D

Student 4: Dinosaurs!

-_-  Yes.  All of your scenes need to have a dinosaur. At least we're working on historical fiction, so we can almost fit it in.


I was with my homeroom class for the five minutes before the next class starts. They asked to play silent ball (teachers, if you don't know this game our students are like addicted. It's weird).

I said no (we play hangman on Tuesdays)

Student: Miss, what time did you go to sleep last night?

Me: Why?

Student: You seem tired...and grumpy.

Me:  Bah. Go to class.

Well, at least they feel they can be honest with me.

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