Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Like It Hot

...but I don't think anyone likes it this hot.

In honour of the last day of school, summer vacation, and the dust storm making it less hot than usual (it's a mild 34C out today!), I thought I'd ignore writing for today's blog and give you some helpful hints on how to know it's too hot in the Middle East.

So here are some helpful clues that let you know it's too hot in the Middle East (aka it really would be a better idea to stay inside today):

  • The sun is out.
  • Your seat belt tries to burn you. (watch out for that metal part!)
  • There's a traffic jam because so many cars have to pull over to let their cars cool down.
  • The man in the dishdasha looks at you, shakes his head, and says "it's too hot!"
  • You step out of the car and your flip flops become slip slops.
  • Your outdoor swimming pool is more like a hot tub.
  • You cancel going out for dinner because walking to the car will make you too sweaty.

These are just some of the things that have kept me inside over the last two weeks.  Normal temperatures are at about 50C these days.  But the good news is, I'm heading back to Canada on Sunday!  I can't wait to be able to spend some time outside. 

So tell me, what clues let you know it's hot where you live?


  1. if you're coming to Canada, you will enjoy our Ontario almost record high temps: 40 with humidex.. will seem cool to you :) Or go to BC and take a jacket. They haven't warmed up yet. :) (Crazynance at AW)

    1. I am off to Ontario! So I guess I'll be nicely adjusted to the temperature by the time I get there :)

  2. And I thought I had it bad living in the hottest city in Spain! We only reach 40C so nowhere as bad as you but still. I know it to hot when all I crave are ice cubs and ice cream. Oh, and laying sprawled on my bed with the AC on as I am now ;)